Jonathon Prather was born in Virginia around 1630,  but sometime before 1680 he moved to Maryland.  He and four other men and two woman, (one believed to be Lyle Jane McKay sister of Robert McKay , one of the other men) were transported by water from Virginia up Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River in a small vessel owned by young George Reed of Calvert County, MD.  Jonathon married Jane and they settled in Swan Creek (which was part of Calvert County at the time but later became part of either Prince George’s County or St Mary’s County).

The remains of Prather Hall before it was torn down in 2002

The remains of Prather Hall before it was torn down in 2002

 Jonathan married Jane McKay and they built their home,Prather Hall Plantation on their land (the location of Prather Hall was just 10 miles south of Washington DC.  They later sold the plantation, and there are no records of what land they owned after that as Jonathon died (sometime before 1680) w/o leaving a will. 

Orphan's Gift Plantation

Orphan's Gift Plantation

After Jonathon’s death Jane remarried.  She married a very wealthy planter by the name of John Smith, who willed a plantation named “Orphan’s Gift”, in St Mary’s County to her children. 

Lyle Jane McKay Prather Smith died in 1713, she left a will leaving lands she owned in England to her 14 grandchildren.

To see how we are descended from Jonathon Prather and Lyle Jane McKay Prather, use the scrollbar in the text box below:

Jonathan Prather (bet 1631 and 1635- before 1660) married Lyle Jane McKay (abt 1638-1713)

Thomas M Prather (1673-bet 1711 and 1712) married Martha Sprigg (1677-1742)

Thomas McKay Sprigg Prather (1704-1785) married Elizabeth Claggett (1708-1167)

Thomas Claggett Prather (1726-1758 ) married Margaret Prather (1730-1827)

Thomas Prather (1751-1786) married Mary Ann Phillips (1760-1787)

Eleanor Prather (1780-1860) married Abraham McKinney (1775-1824)

Euphemia McKinney (1811-1902) married James Walker Austin (1804-1865)

Charles Freeman Austin (1851-1930) married Anna Pope Hague (1855-1935)

Charles Freeman Austin (1888-1980) married Bertha Elizabeth Henry (1892-1969)

Charles William Austin (b 1921) married Nedra Novice Patterson (1920-1999)


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